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Saturday, September 28, 2013

WIPocalypse 2013 - September Update

I cannot believe that it's already time for the September update!  This year is going by waaaay too fast!  It's going to be 2014 before we know it.  I'm actually a little late with this month's WIPocalypse post as it was actually due on September 19th. 

I did make a little progress this month on a couple of cross-stitch projects as well as in completing several rag wreaths and candle-rings and working on my first latch hook rug.  It's been a busy month for crafts!  Here's what I worked on this  month.

Progress from the end of May 2013

Progress as of September 28, 2013
A fabric Candle-Ring for a good friend who loves the GA Bulldogs (UGA)

A small "girlie" wreath for a friend's 4-year old daughter who loves zebras

Three Halloween wreaths for sale at the Calico Craft Designs Etsy Shop
Almost finished with a Winter Cardinal piece I'm doing for my Mom for Christmas
And last, but not least, I did work on the "Summer Fairy" by Joan Elliott.  Below is the photo taken shortly after I started on it in May 2012.  I haven't taken a new progress photo yet and will probably wait and add it for the October update.

Happy stitching until the October update on the 18th!